Oh! It’ll be cool if you put the story in the artbook! Then it’ll be like a really beautiful picture novel, which makes it doubly awesome!! :’D

OOOHHH I DO HOPE THE STORY WILL BE WORTH YOUR LOVE <3 /BEAMS 8DD (the real trouble wld be finding quality n cheap book printing shops in sg SOBS)

girlwiththewhiterabbit OMG YAY!! I don’t know about the story behind Black Circus but I love the character designs! And…

tsuntori aaahh oh gawd it’s true i have never actually posted the whole story about the Black Circus anywhere online before /NERVOUS LAUGHTER maybe FOR THE ARTBOOK I FINALLY WILL hahaha BUT GOSH ITS SO COOL THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO LIKE MY OCs?? I LIVE FOR PPL LIKE U /HUGS <33 

AND OH GOSH I AM PRAYIN FOR DEM HAIKYUU BADGES TO ARRIVE ASAP cuz we sent em out late n now im just waiting for them to come by friday latest x’DD 

a few of you saw my prev post and wanted these so here ya go! (yes i read the tags on my posts HUEHUE) updated the store with the pokemon stickers, postcards, badges, and many new products! (: i will be closing shop in about a week’s time cuz i’ll be out of the country so do order soon, lovelies! 8DD

tsuntori asked: oh my god i just saw your haikyuu!! badges on facebook and i think i will just be bankrupt after this eoy because of all the beautiful artists' works!!! please keep making pretties! also, i was browsing your deviantart and wondering if you will ever make prints from your original characters? they are so beautiful! i especially love the wyvern lord you submitted for a comp and most of the black circus deviations. *_*


UWAAHH YES I DO KNOW THE FEELING hahahaa me tooo i hope i’ll have time to walk about and buy a lot (although the heat will probably K-O me first) THANK U SO MUCH DEARIIEEEE~!! (≧▽≦) ✿ ERR OK THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE KINDA SECRET (i duno ahaaa not rly) but i was planning to make an ORIGINAL ARTBOOK mostly featuring black circus art 8DD I DUNO if i can finish it in time for AFA this year tho! but mid year 2015 is my ultimate deadline x’D there will also be several of the black circus deviations u see in my dA right now! and maybe a small section dedicated to other stuff (: 

IT WOULD BE GREAT if it comes around cuz its always been a dream of mine to print an original artbook oTL;; i hope u will support it too! and THANK U AGAIN FOR YOUR KIND WORDS! ヽ(;▽;)ノ i am floored by your sweetness! 

i am..actually pretty happy with these (*´・v・) plenty of my ghost/psychic biases here huehue~ will be debuting at EOY next weekend! 

tonari-no-heichou asked: your screencap redraws are so cute!!! keep up the good work uwu<3

thank you dearie!! (*T▽T*) ♥ 

fri3dsushi asked: Hello! Thank you for like making the stickers and like selling them *A* they made my laptop look amazing ahahhaha

woohoo!! 8DD IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE THEM!! AAAAA~! /throws u hearts and kisses 

Anonymous asked: Honestly I'm not all that surprised that a part of the makoharu fandom was let down by the latest chapter. The makoharu has been short in the story in latest chapters, there is so little rintori that it doesn't really feel strong enough to outweigh rin's guilt over it, and an entire chapter dedicated to a rinharu kiss- which makoharu fans are known to really notp- it makes sense that it wouldn't be a favorite chapter. But this is all just stupid and the fans that did this should be ashamed.

yea.. i get you. i mean, there hasn’t even been a makoharu kiss yet /LAUGHS/ but well, the love between the two has just been nothing short of PURE, selfless love, and i am so drawn to that! AND i felt Haru and Rin were both in character then, for being in that very specific situation. Although yea, AS A BRO i wldnt kiss my mate’s love interest no matter what y’know HAHAHA but fish boy was being almost LIKE A CHILD YO, AND WE ALL KNOW RIN IS A VANILLA SOFTIE INSIDE so xD also, there was no ill intent as stated again and again (only educational!) 

although ahhh (well this is just me being extremely nit-picky, since i started talking abt it might as well lol) as a ff writer myself, i probably would have not described the actual scene..? just cut it off when it was gonna happen, cut to the next scene, then leave readers wondering if the kiss really happened or if Rin refused in the end (I BE TROLLIN). But as a reader, I actually quite enjoyed that chapter..? x’D i was only sad cuz no makoharu BUT ITS ULTIMATELY A MAKOHARU FIC THEREFORE MAKOHARU IS ENDGAME JUST CHILL, PEOPLE

if you think about it, this kinda thing happens in novels and short stories all the time, doesn’t it? the author kills off a favorite character, the protag’s love interest loves someone else in the end etc etc. there would be BUMPS IN THE ROAD, MAN and as readers we just sit back and ENDURE A LIL LONGER CUZ OF HOPE AND TRUST N SHIT Y’KNOW HAHAHA more often than not multi-chpt fanfiction is one long foreplay towards the climax where the sex finally happens, so i suppose for the people who were so against ch11, it was probably like havin ur grandma bursting into the room just when u and ur significant other were about to get to the good part and then flop y’all lost all drive to continue HAHAHAA IM SORRY THIS GOT SO LONG AND UNNECESSARY OMG IM TRASHHH IM JUST SELFISHLY HOPING FOR A NEW CHPT DESPITE WHAT HAS HAPPENED /SOBS

I’m so upset about this :( but I wish the author would focus on the fans (which greatly outweigh the trolls) who adore her writing

IKR D’8 i was actually kinda hopeful for her to quickly type up a new chapter in retaliation like THERE, here’s your makoharu! xD but i really didn’t expect a..complete shutdown. also, is it bad, that when haru first got his legs, my first thought was AWW YEESSS THEY CAN DO THE SEX <3

makotosmermaid asked: WHAT WAS THE FUTURE FISH AU

I THINK ITS PRETTY WELL KNOWN BY NOW?? How to train your human 8DD on ao3! but due to the crazy outrage that ch11 sparked, the author says they’re not gonna continue writing it anymore..??! OK I ONLY GOT TO KNOW THIS JUST NOW SO IM IN TEARS about the whole thing like.. this is the first makoharu fic i got so emotionally INVESTED IN /cries at my luck PERSONALLY I DIDNT MIND what happened in ch11 i understood it for what it was..i guess when a fic becomes THAT famous, suddenly the writer is not just writing for themselves but writing to please the type of audience the fic has gained.