sinfulhime asked: thank you for the glorious Haru in booty shorts , it's much needed in this fandom XD



summer boys n the things they’ll do when in heat its freaking hot outside (like it is here right now /SWEATS PROFUSELY)

/CHOKES IT’S A GIF i drew an elf scholar book master deer apprentice?? will post the final and a tutorial version for this on my dA (*´・v・) 

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some commissions which designs i liked (: im workin on a bunch of stuff now so, sorry for lack of updates! it will be brief i promise!

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Anonymous asked: Prompt: Haru has been sheltered, and locked away in a wing of the castle, his whole life so when Makoto mistakenly finds him, Haru demands Makoto takes him to see the ocean.

It’s only been about three weeks, but Makoto feels like they’ve known each other forever. These clandestine meetings have also become more frequent, since the first time he stumbled upon the quarters of Lord Nanase’s only child. Unlike Makoto, Haruka has never once been allowed to set foot beyond the castle wing. But for a lord’s son, the ten-year-old Haru treats him like an equal, and that is more than a mere squire boy like Makoto can ask for. 

They are flipping through an illustrated children’s book when Haru pauses at a particular page.

"That’s the ocean, Haru-chan," Makoto says, smiling because he’s never seen his quiet friend so enraptured before. 

"The ocean," Haru repeats, tasting the word on his tongue and deciding he likes it. Almost immediately, he demands to be taken there. 

"Eh?" Makoto whines, fumbling with his words because he does not want to upset Haru. In the end, he settles for: "I’ll take you there when we’re a bit older, okay, Haru-chan? When I get big enough to take us out of here."

"Okay," Haru smiles back. "It’s a promise."

AU where everything is the same but all the characters are otters


"So, Rei-chan," Nagisa says, concerned. "You can’t swim? You should have said something earlier."

"I wasn’t going to admit I couldn’t swim," Rei grumbles, whiskers twitching. "Who ever heard… of an otter who cannot swim?! That would go against my sense of beauty!”

"Rei-chan… heh, that’s true-“

"Nagisa," Makoto says sternly to the straw-colored otter. He turns to Rei, compassionate as ever. "Sorry about forcing you into this situation… Ah - it’s Haru’s turn -"

When he looks up, Rei’s life is changed forever: there before him, glistening black fur, a perfectly poised tail, such defined forepaws, and the most beautifully streamlined body! Haruka-senpai is graceful as a swan when he takes the dive. Time seems to slow down at this point.

Rei clasps his webbed paws together, tiny muzzle scrunching up, as he makes that plot-altering decision.