WARNING FOR LEMONS /giggles oh noes the new lemony sailor outfits look waaaay too cute on the free! boys (*´∀`*)

business AU makoto cuz i am thoroughly OBSESSED w this fic right now and oh yes it is makoharu with practically all my guiltiest kinks, so much thank offdensens for feeding my spank bank writing the most glorious director!mako and PA!haru 

hey guys

just to let y’all know i always read the tags you all leave on my art posts and uhh /FRANTICALLY ADJUSTS GLASSES TO CONCEAL TSUNDERE BLUSH THANKS SOOO MUCH YO! (*T▽T*) ❤ i really appreciate the kind words, cute comments and nice messages u leave there!! ✿ i’ll continue to do my best! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

no dreams, no future

Thank you for being there for me

aaannd this might as well be a screencap redraw cuz of all the close-up makoharu hand-holding throughout the series ahaaa (゜▽゜;)

kagami-kun, we did it

FINAALLLYY CONGRAATTSS u basuke nerds on a victory we all knew was comin anyway!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ i know i hardly draw knb SO UM YEA SURPRISE /KISSES N RUNS

haven’t drawn the bae for a looonnggg time now (T▽T) also, time for a new outfit! 

animangalife replied to your photoset “woohooo if u didn’t already know, i was away on holiday in NY…”

AAAAAHHHHHH I live in nyc we should’ve met up :(

MAYBE WE DID MEET /eyebrow wriggle BUT AWW YEA i was with family n i don’t think we’d hv a rad time w my parents and aunt around..?? LOL cries

woohooo if u didn’t already know, i was away on holiday in NY recently, which explains the lack of activity for a while! (・∀・) i’ll have a journal about it on my dA as soon as i sort out the pics! 8DD

nishinoyafuckingyuu asked: Kisu/Mako/Haru threesome where Kisumi and Haru are competing for Makoto's attention.



imagine all the fun they would have